Taejai.com CrowdFunding

We initiate Taejai.com in 2012, a social crowd funding site, in partnership with OpenDream, Thai Young Philanthropists Network and For KON Thai foundation. The website is meant to support social groups – which can be non-profit organisations, social enterprises, or individuals – who have creative ideas to tackle social/environmental problems and need small fund to start. Taejai projects cover many areas of social and environmental issues relating to children, women, handicaps, senior citizens, animals, education, environmental preservation, urban planning etc.


For transparency, those who donate through Taejai can follow progression of their donated projects on the website, e-news letter, and Taejai’s donation events. As a part of ChangeFusion’s mission in supporting social enterprises, early stage social enterprises can test their business ideas via Taejai.com. Several projects have already raised funds and made their prototype products, for example, pens for blind people, shoes for elderly people, etc.

Taejai had already raised around 2 million USD from ten of thousands of people, supporting hundreds of projects.

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