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How a city can empower young change makers: lessons from Seoul (2019),

Seoul has been hugely supportive of social innovation and social entrepreneurship – and initiatives born in the South Korean capital are now spreading across borders. Sunit Shrestha, a member of the Mayor of Seoul's Social Innovation Global Advisory Committee, explores a city that's pioneering a new social economy, in the second of a series of essays on future trends for innovative cities. Read more.

Thailand’s Social innovation ecosystem study, as a part of East Asia Study, supported by Toyota Foundation (Originally 2017, with updates for 2019)

Mapping out players, stakeholders, key initiatives and success cases in Thai social innovation ecosystem. (Download Paper)

Startup and Change the World! (2007) 
A guide for young social entrepreneurs. I co-author with my friend, Dev, for Youth Social Enterprise Initiative (YSEI). Packed with cases of successful young social entrepreneurs and social enterprise planning guide.

Can social entrepreneurship ever be ‘cool’?  (2005)
Thoughts on how to support young social entrepreneurs systematically around the world. Published by Alliance Magazine.


Mapping the Social Impact Investment and Innovative Finance Landscape in Thailand, supported by UNDP (2018)

In recent years, there has been a continual increase in interests in and emergence of social enterprises in Thailand. With the SE Promotion Act passed in February 2019, the trend is expected to persist. Yet, in order to strengthen the social enterprise ecosystem, social impact investment would be one of the key elements that need to grow in sync with social enterprises to ensure they would thrive. This study investigated and consolidated knowledge on the types and amount of support provided by existing supporters as well as the current status of the social enterprises and their needs so as to provide an overview of the landscape and also insights into the gaps and opportunities in scaling social impact investment in the country.

Link to UNDP page, or download the file directly

Financing the Long-tail: 
 Catalysing ASEAN debt-based social investment. 
 supported by the Rockefeller Foundation (2015)

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Blockchain เพื่อความโปร่งใสและความรับผิดชอบ (เน้นการสร้างความยุติธรรมแบบมีส่วนร่วม) เอกสารนำเสนอในงาน Technology for Justice ร่วมกับ Thailand Institute of Justice

4 เทรนด์แห่งโอกาสในการใช้Open Data, AI เพือความเป็นธรรมแบบมีส่วนร่วม เอกสารนำเสนอในงาน Technology for Justice 2 ร่วมกับ Thailand Institute of Justice